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Kitchen Equipment Essentials For The Home Cook

New to cooking more meals from home but have no idea where to start with stocking your kitchen?

You might be surprised that one of the first “ingredients” to stocking your kitchen to get you in the mood for cooking (and for doing it safely) is to purchase kitchen equipment essentials! This Kitchen Equipment Essentials guide is for the home cook (or share with a friend) if you are new to cooking, want to cook more from home, or to add some tools to your wedding registry or to revamp your current kitchen.

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Let’s get started!

Kitchen Equipment Essentials For The Home Cook Essentials for Food Prep

Most important on this list is a good, sharp knife. There are really only three knives you need for your home. Here are a couple of our favorites options that don’t break the bank.

Knives An 8-inch Chef’s knife is the first on this list and for a good reason. It’s your most-used kitchen tool, so take good care of it. Keep it sharp, clean and dry and it will be your new best friend in the kitchen. A Bread Knife isn’t just for bread. We use ours for easily slicing through ripe tomatoes and other fruits. A Paring Knife is that handy little tool for when a chef’s knife is

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